Democratisation is changing everything

It started with the internet. Internet search giant Google made it so easy to retrieve information, it's practically at our fingertips. It democratised knowledge and made the printed encyclopedia history.

With the advent of Web 2.0 came blogs. Blogging and social media websites lowered the entry-barrier and made it easy for people to post their thoughts online. Just like the printed encyclopedia, printed material is no longer the darling it once was in terms of supplying news and information (fake or otherwise) to the masses.

And who can ignore YouTube and many other video-sharing sites. These websites have made it possible for ordinary people to become internet superstars. Anyone with a bit of skills in making videos can market their own channel for a grab of that expensive viewer attention. As home-made videos are getting more and more sophisticated and professional, there is little doubt that the entire food-chain of media production are feeling the heat.

Just like the above examples, 3D printing has made it possible for ordinary folks to bring what is essentially a small factory into our homes. Anyone can become a maker with a 3D printer. This technology has broken the barrier and democratised manufacturing. Mass customisation and personalisation of products will potentially disrupt the manufacturing supply chain.

Everywhere we look, barriers are crumbling in the face of innovation and technology. People say that robots and AI are poised to change humanity. What else will the incessant rush of innovation and technology not bulldoze in their wake.

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