Ketchup bottles need me as do 3D printers, even your teeth. What am I?

I was thinking about stress and realised just how useful it can be. The right amount of stress for the right duration gets the job done. My problem was, how could I get this point across succinctly. My aha moment came one morning when I was brushing my teeth. We do this all the time, at least twice a day, don't we all.

I love a beautiful metaphor or analogy. Who doesn't. So, I illustrated stress beautifully in this ultra low budget video. I had three takes (well four actually, but my tooth brush toppled in that one);

i) take 1, the right stress level taken too far is bad,

ii) take 2, too high a stress level even for a short period is bad,

ii) take 3, a zen-like stress level for the correct duration is perfect.

Now that's what I call the Goldilocks Principle of Stress.

And just to link this back to 3D printers, especially FDM-type ones where filaments are extruded from a heated nozzle. When everything is right, the print job will run smoothly. If and when the nozzle is blocked, or the extruder gears are slipping or running too fast, or the print bed is too close to the nozzle, we will face a potentially highly stressed-out situation.

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