It's all about the people, people!

I must be watching too many videos of Simon Sinek talking about being a good leader and how corporations should behave etc. The talks are actually pretty good.

That got me thinking about how 3D printing should be positioned to emphasize what it can do for people and not so much about the technology itself. Don't get me wrong, the technology must be there in the first place. But it must be there for the right purpose.

When I was an engineering student, I learned all about technologies and not so much who the technology is for. I did a semester of Sociology, Law and Human Resource Management, but there wasn't any emphasis in those subjects about how technology was meant to benefit people. And in people, I mean the yous and mes, the everyday people. I think this is where Apple has got it and Samsung hasn't.

3D printing was touted as a revolution in manufacturing. There has been a lot of hype, and indeed it has benefitted many industries, corporations and individuals. Did you hear about 3D printed food, prosthetics or even buildings and automobiles. If 3D printing hasn't been embraced widely, is it because it is a technology that is still looking for a solution, a killer application? This reminds me of the same situation in which microelectromechanical systems technology encountered a few decades ago. MEMS as it is called, was going to take over the world, if there was a big enough market that it could take over. Fast forward to today, I think it is safe to say that the biggest market for MEMS technology is embedded inside the mobile phones that you and I carry. The technology manifests itself as motion sensors, auto focus cameras and heart beat monitors. Did the MEMS community anticipated this, perhaps a few visionaries did.

It makes me wonder, in what everyday uses will 3D printing be found in the future.

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